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    Gaoke G10A-5 multi-service access platform integrates with SDH/MSTP, PTN, PDH, PCM, fiber optic transceivers, and other product features, provides high-tech and cost effectve solution which can meet nowadays operators’ requirement. Uplink provides STM-1/4, FE/GE Ethernet, E1 and other standard interfaces, which can perfectly meet SDH/MSTP/PTN/IP-RAN networks; downlink  provides SDH/MSTP, PTN, PDH, Fiber Transceiver, Interface Converter and other products access, which can implement point-to-point, star, chain, ring and other topology networks. With high-quality, advanced NMS and cost effective solution, Gaoke MSAP can be widely applied at Terminal Multplexer(TM), Add and Drop Multiplexer(ADM) and access converging field.

Lateral construct, 5×slots for service-board Fixed Power Board, support 1+1 backup Fixed MCU Board

2 aggregation STM-1/4 interfaces

8 tributary STM-1 interfaces

16×PDF interfaces and 64×E1 interfaces

16×(1×E1) V.35 interfaces converters

32×(1×E1) Ethernet EoPDH converters

16×(4×E1)Ethernet EoPDH converters

8×(8×E1)Ethernet EoPDH converters

32×Fiber optical transceivers

32×EoS channels



More concise deploy, effectively reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO)

MSAP can simultaneously access multiple large customers, many types of products

Supports Ethernet service aggregation and VLAN division

MSAP equipment provides a fiber access, no need to deploy a large number of PDH equipments and E1 copper in the machine room

Reduce fault location,saves additional cost like DDF rack and Ethernet switches,  

improve space utilization of the machine room

High compatibility, flexible networking capabilities

MSTP equipment is certified by MIIT, compatible to other

manufacturers SDH/MSTP/MSAP/PTN equipment

Many interfaces, supports STM-1/4, FE/GE Ethernet, E1, V.35,

FXS/FXO, RS232 variety of standard wide, narrowband interfaces

Powerful cross capabilities, take SDH, carrier-class Ethernet

technology and DS0 technology as the core technology

Totally support our PDH, PCM, PTN, PBX, Interface Converter,

Fiber Transceivers,and other products

EoS Ethernet mapping board,optional optical/electrical interface,

support GFP, V-Cat, LCAS

GE Gigabit Ethernet convergence board, optional optical/electrical interface,

access to the customer/business by VLAN identification, isolation



Excellent clock synchronization

Timing system can work in tracking, maintaining and free oscillation modes

Support clock input/output interfaces, indicators fully consistent with the ITU-TG.813


high safety,a variety of 1+1 protection mechanisms

Power supply board 1+1 heat copy

STM-1/4 dual optical port 1+1 protection

PDH dual optical port 1+1 protection

Powerful OAM and network management, enhance the speed of fault diagnosis and service restoration

Error test, line loopback capabilities

Effectively distinguish between the remote device powered down and broken fiber alarm

Unique initiative alarming function, via SMS and mail to notify maintenance personnel the alarm at the first time

Unified carrier-grade network management, improve efficiency,reduce operation and maintenance costs

Device structure

Standard 19 inch rack-mounted with3U height, (W×H×D)482mm×133mm×330mm

Using cross baffle structure, divided into two areas:business area ( on the left, can be equipped with the 5 board cards ) and power area ( on the right, can be  3 board cards )

Main control board integrates SDH optical group boards,data exchange board and network management board function.



Equipment Index

Operation Temperature 0 ~ 45 ℃

Storage Temperature -30 ~ 60 ℃

Operation Humidity 10% ~ 90% (non-condensing)

Operation Voltage DC-48V (providing dual power backup)

Power ≤ 100W

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