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V2030 digital cross-connect equipment integrates with PCM, Optical Transceiver, Serial to Ethernet port and other features. The equipment is widely used in the E1 network transmission, such as relay between the PBX (private branch exchange), Optical Access Network, Optical Loop Subscriber System, digital signal transmission of mobile telephone BS, it can also be used for exclusive data of optical fiber transmission, such as computer data transmission. Users include communication network of railway, airport, electricity, water conservancy, oil, bank and others.

Centralization of PDH, perfect unity of Optical Transceiver, Ethernet fiber Converter and PCM

Transmission side not only can use E1, but also PDH optical interface

Compared with conventional PCM, main control board can integrates 2 PDH optical interfaces, which can connect remote PDH, integrate highly and save slots, maximum 26 optical direction to connect, optical port supports the single fiber and saves the transmission line for the user