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Gaoke G08A multi-service access SDH / MSTP equipment is a single-plate with STM-1, supports E1, Ethernet and V.35 service interfaces and others. G08A meets end-to-end SDH optical network by deploying miniaturized MSTP device. Not only did it meet customers’ demand for basic access, but also higher demands for bandwidth access; end-to-end SDH / MSTP network is able to provide more reliable protection and safer isolation for some key industrial customers. This ADM type SDH / MSTP equiqment which with 2 STM-1 optical interfaces, applies to the multi-service insert point of ring or chain transmission network .

Certified by MIIT, compatible to other manufacturers SDH / MSTP / MSAP equipment

Multi-service ADM equipment, suitable for forming ring and chain networks, support MSP and SNCP protection

Standard STM-1 optical interface, which provides single fiber transmission, different wavelengths, Light Power and other interface options

Support STM-1 double optical protection, can be configured for 1 +1 backup or East-West transport, can be achieved star, chain and ring network

Maximum support 8 E1, 4 FE, 1 V.35 interfaces