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Gaoke G10A-5 multi-service access platform integrates with SDH/MSTP, PTN, PDH, PCM, fiber optic transceivers, and other product features, provides high-tech and cost effectve solution which can meet nowadays operators’ requirement. Uplink provides STM-1/4, FE/GE Ethernet, E1 and other standard interfaces, which can perfectly meet SDH/MSTP/PTN/IP-RAN networks; downlink  provides SDH/MSTP, PTN, PDH, Fiber Transceiver, Interface Converter and other products access, which can implement point-to-point, star, chain, ring and other topology networks. With high-quality, advanced NMS and cost effective solution, Gaoke MSAP can be widely applied at Terminal Multplexer(TM), Add and Drop Multiplexer(ADM) and access converging field.


Lateral construct, 5×slots for service-board Fixed Power Board, support 1+1 backup Fixed MCU Board

2 aggregation STM-1/4 interfaces

8 tributary STM-1 interfaces

16×PDF interfaces and 64×E1 interfaces

16×(1×E1) V.35 interfaces converters

32×(1×E1) Ethernet EoPDH converters

16×(4×E1)Ethernet EoPDH converters

8×(8×E1)Ethernet EoPDH converters

32×Fiber optical transceivers

32×EoS channels


More concise deploy, effectively reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO)

MSAP can simultaneously access multiple large customers, many types of products

Supports Ethernet service aggregation and VLAN division

MSAP equipment provides a fiber access, no need to deploy a large number of PDH equipments and E1 copper in the machine room

Reduce fault location,saves additional cost like DDF rack and Ethernet switches,  

improve space utilization of the machine room