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MG6160 is a media access gateway designed for SME. This product has a 10 / 100 BASE-T Ethernet uplink interfaces connecting external data network, two 10 / 100 BASE-T Ethernet interfaces(LAN), and 160 analog telephone interfaces that provides VoIP service for 160 channels simultaneously.



Supports static IP, PPPoE, DHCP, network access;

 Support dual PPPoE;

 Support QoS (voice traffic priority forwarding bidirectional bandwidth limitations);

 Support 802.1Q VLAN;

 Support NTP protocol, proofreading local clock from the network clock source;

Support T.30, T.38 fax, fax transparent transmission;

 Support basic voice service functions;

 Support of supplementary services, such as caller ID, call transfer, hotline services;

 Caller ID detection, caller ID display;

 Support band, band and RFC2833 DTMF signal transmission mode and so on;

 Support equipment from the exchange, in the case of failure of the external platform still  

   achieve intercom calls;

 Supports a variety of voice quality enhancement technology, such as dynamic voice jitter

   buffer, Voice Activity Detection, Comfort Noise generation, echo cancellation, and packet

   loss compensation, which provides traditional telephone voice quality comparable;

 Variety of maintenance management: Web, Telnet, IADMSNM;

 Support integrated network management approach SNMP protocol;

 Support TR-069 protocol, can be docked with operators ITMS platform;

 Hierarchical administrator user permissions, safe;

 Support online firmware upgrades;

 Support eight two IVR switchboard business functions, companies can customize the


 Support incoming packet, pickup and transfer and other supplementary services;

 Support internal Centrex business functions, support an extension call forwarding outside

   business functions.

Technical Specifications

Control protocols: SIP, MGCP

Voice compression: G.711 (A-law and u-law), G.723.1, G.729

Support voice compression algorithm to dynamically switch

Analog voice interface: DTMF detection

Echo suppression: G.165 / G.168

Ethernet Interface:

IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T

IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX

Network protocols:


DHCP: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol IP address;PPP over Ethernet