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Gaoke MG 600XN is wireless VoIP gateway designed for home and SOHO network that integrates router, VoIP and WiFi feature. it supports different networking connections of ASL/cable modem, 3G/WiMax modem and FTTH GEPON/PON. Such series widely support all kinds of peotocol and services, performance high efficiency, safe, high quality voices. MG 600XN series VoIP gateways include 2/4/8 FXS ports VoIP gatways with WiFi IEEE 802.1 b/g/n, provide flexible, convenient, aboundant voice and wideband data service

Voice Features
Analog User 2*FXS+2*FXS/FXO
Codec G.721 G723 G729


Fax T.30/T.38 fax, fax translate
Billing mode Reverse Polarity
Voice Function Caller detection and caller ID, call waiting, call transfer, call forward, abbreviation, 3-way conference, Do-not-disturb( need operator to support such service)