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GaoKe Communications 2011 1st Sales Management Training Come to an End

Time:2012-01-13 Count:5245

The 1st consultancy sales management training officially began no 2012 January 1st . Senior adviser Ma Honghai teacher from Gao Zhan management consulting firm given all business and product development colleagues conducted a three-day training in the multi-functional conference hall,Customer service department, the business group of colleagues and the company sector leadership all attend such training. Total of nearly 100 people. The main content of this training, consultative selling techniques, telemarketing techniques, business etiquette. Highlights 4 main point in Consult sales : confidence-building , explore the needs , effective recommended ,reassurance. Demonstrate the exercise of the telephone front-line techniques.,Answers to a lot of problems and puzzles we meet in work process,The Training is systematic& practical,even the senior sales manager the training is useful.
The corporate leadership pay high attention to this training. Chairman Chenyan Wen, presented at the meeting, and shared his views and ideas of the GaoKe development with front-line colleagues. He made a very pertinent description for benefit distribution mechanism, the core competitiveness, the development direction , which ensure colleague have faith the glorious future once we get the good chance. Chairman Chen emphasized that in Gaoke ,everything should driven by sales, also provides specific ideas and measures. So that we actually feel the company’s strong support to stimulate the morale and confidence of the completion of the 2012 task!