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Work Efficiently, Life Happy

Time:2011-07-19 Count:5466

Gaoke Communication 2011 Mid year R&D Dpt. Conference concluded successfully
Gaoke Communications Technology Department in the annual mid-year meeting on July 16-17 in Guangzhou Conghua Cadre Training Center of China Inspection and Q-uarantine held a grand rally. The technical department of more than 80 technical p-ersonnel to participate in the meeting, the meeting was attended by company pres-ident, vice president and other senior leaders.
The two-day meeting is very full, general manager and senior departmental leader-ship has done a wonderful report, and raised expectations. Subsequently, the lead-ership of the five departments of the Technical Department, we summarized the re-sults of the work in the first half of the year, and the second half of the prospect. Technology Department to obtain good results in the first half of 2011, MSAP, the product line is to create a good sales, but the second half of the work is still a long way to go, cost, quality, speed, and is still always the purpose of the Technical De-partment。
A variety of activities are interspersed in between meetings,Activities include "co-mmunication" "furniture factory" game, chess, badminton, basketball and other spo-rts,Basketball take the whole activities to climax
Everyone brandish asperses a sweat on the field . We are not only good at work, b-ut also love life, love sports, the rich man of passion. Efficient work, happy life is the portraiture of our GaoKe Communication technology department .
Through this meeting, we see our position, defined next target.Two days’ time is s-hort, but we will permanently imprinted on the good times together. We know the road in the feet, we should start to the new campaign, brilliant achievements in the direction we before hand.We expect to see you next year.