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“The same boat, Let’s Create a win-win” Gaoke celebration party come to an end

Time:2011-05-17 Count:4132

Gaoke Communications organized the 2011 "the same boat, Let’s Create a win-win" celebration party successfully concluded in Guangzhou City Southern Theater on April 16, 2011 .The entire evening packed, besides GaoKe staffs and their families, but also invited the related to leadership of municipal government
The Secretary celebration party stage design is beautiful, a huge lineup of performing arts, bring to the audience completely different audio-visual viewing feast. At the beginning of the evening , Gaoke chairman Mr. Chen Yanwen do a party speech, celebrate GaoKe’s 18th birthday with the audience.   

 19:20pm , the Evening prelude officially began by a shadow dance .Shadow dance ideas from the traditional Chinese shadow play performances, simple and classical. The variety show is colorful, jazz, dance, talk, drama, aerobics and other programs and on-site programs interact won rounds of applause and laughter.

 The whole evening is divided into four chapters of the "new joy", "hard work", "growing" Beyond the Dream "。The stage design and the programming reflects the organic combination of fashion and traditional highlight the rich cultural characteristics of GaoKe. Opening dance "off", to show the ambitions verve of GaoKe;Guitar Society guitar playing with song "the story of youth", the song is filled with a thick atmosphere of the campus, people look back to that simple, happy mo-ments;Short play, "Romeo and Juliet" reverse the common way ,completely to subvert the image of Sha-kespeare Romeo, comedy is witty and vivid;For GaoKe charitable contributions in particular to create the sitcom "Love" is about the distance of a pair of poor brothers and sisters to study hard, and finally in social enterprises help to fulfill university dream.

 Wonderful evening slowly ended. Gaoke left a deeper impression to the guests and leadership of entrepreneurial spirit and corporate culture by the party . I believe the Gaoke will surely usher in a fast-growing.