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“Return Asian Games, Embrace Healthy life”

Time:2011-04-13 Count:4086

2011 GaoKe Celebration Sports Activities Come to An End
April 9, full of passion and challenges in 2011 GaoKe celebrate sports activities had begun in the picturesque university town.
Sub-theme of this sports activities is "Return Asian Games, Embrace Healthy life". To enjoy the beauty of the movement back to the Asian Games, fighting beauty. Activities for us to have a healthy body with their families to enjoy the beautiful nature.
2:00PM, all GaoKe staff dressed in uniform white Secretary celebration shirt coll-ection in the University City in high spirits , to usher in the grand opening cerem-ony, Chen Yanwen chairman concise mobilized, sports activities officially begana.
The highlight of the sporting activities is a marathon. With the General Lee gave the order, more than 70 athletes rush out of the starting point, and embarked on the track of the Asian Games marathon. Scorching sun,hot weather, our athletes ignore everything, and inspired by their enthusiasm and spirit. the men’s 18 km, Women’s 9 km road, no one to give up, the athlete who insist on completion of the entire game, the hottest of cheering and applause at the finish line to greet these brave men sprint! The way the sweat, all the way hard, the best interpretation of the eternal spirit of the marathon - to challenge themselves, be-yond the limit, perseverance, never give up.
Meanwhile with the marathon is bicycle and hiking activities. Wherever he went he took it breezy. Everyone to enjoy the various magnificent Asian Games venue-s, and enjoy the fresh air of nature, with exceptionally warm and family life is so beautiful!
The final is an exciting awards ceremony, everyone cheers and applause, Chen Dong-marathon winner awarded a substantial prize. Also awarded Best Group aw-ards to the most cohesive team!
Sports activities successful ended. It was a long time to calm down the enthusiasm and excitement . All GaoKe staff harvest for sweat, harvest of joy, gain a healthy , but also the spirit of a never give up. Wish you be able to run their own life marathon.