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The 2011 New Year Staff Meeting Successfully Helded

Time:2011-02-19 Count:4244

Peach drop, plum shinny day.,to further summarize the past and look to the future, the New Year 8 on February 10, 2011, Gaoke Communications Corporation traditio-nal New Year Staff Conference in recognition of the General Assembly helded in Wa King Town Hotel Silver hall solemnly . With nearly 300 employees from the company participated in the meeting. GaoKe Communications in 2010 under the joint efforts of all staff, sales grew 1.5 times, and achieved a new milestone
The company chairman Chen Yanwen, general manager Yap Tao, deputy general m-anager Chen Yanping leaders attended the meeting. The meeting presided over the meeting by the company’s human resources manager Luo Qiongyan。
General manager Lee eup Tao, made a 2010 management report and 2011 work pl-ans in meeting。The report said the company operates out of the woods with the j-oint efforts of all personnel of the company from the last year of fierce market com-petition environment。Sales rose significant progress and breakthroughs in the ma-nagement of profits, internal commission bonus, pre-tax profit. And Outlook 2011 will intensify competition in the domestic telecommunications market remains gri-m,Gaoke companies are an even rigorous market.
In addition the company also commended on the excellent staff in 2010 and a grand award ceremony. Won an Outstanding Team Award for GaoKe Business Unit Southe-rn Region Northern District, Liu Hui, the outstanding individuals of the Year, Central China Ye Haiyong annual Service Excellence Award, the company is headquartered Qian Han was named the outstanding cadres, at the same time poplar Hui, Ma Wei-juan, Qing Hua Zhong had a positive of Kang Canrong, Zhang Xiankun, Tian Philipp-ines, Tan silver love, won the title of excellent staff;
Finally, at the meeting, company chairman Chen Yanwen appointed 2011 cadres . The appointment of cadres fully affirmed the achievements given all the company members of the management team, expressed his congratulations to the employm-ent of cadres, and employed cadres have high hopes for the company’s further dev-elopment.
The meeting came to an end in 2011 New Year’s employees and the commendation of the General Assembly at 11:45. This meeting of all employees of the GaoKe co-mpany in 2011 to further clarify the focus, establish objectives, encouraged by the enthusiasm of the majority of staff has played a positive role, played an important role for the company’s new year。