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"Creative Without Limit " ---- 2011 GaoKe Chinese New Year Carnival Party Rejoicing Staged

Time:2011-02-02 Count:4570

Gun shock to the Lunar New Year, Dragon amazing since. February 10, the amazing creativity without limits in 2011 GaoKe carnival party at the China Golden Shield Silver hall opened. 19:00 sonorous opening dance, Open Dance "I swing the night" by the four presenters opened the cur-tain of the show , followed by the chairman of the board to play the "Treasurer" debut in the gun salute and the presence of all audience scattered Chinese New Year lucky party into a climactic.
The carnival is based on a traditional ancient Chinese Sky Goddess replenish the skies story . Deities make every effort to replenish the skies are, the whole story is imaginative. Total story di-vided into seven themes: looking for colored soil, Ben Chang Emonth, let love fly , the green fash-ion show, car show, Flirting Scholar. To tie in with this seven theme, carnival party employees are divided into seven team interpretation. Seven team name is unique, innovative and surprising, bold taken from the name of the rabbit in 2011, namely: the glorious future rabbit teams, fire, such as rabbit team, rabbits fly Mengjin, Yang Mei rabbit air force, strenuously rabbit teams Love rabbit You team, the money rabbit bright team. The entire evening performances brilliant, creative, fierce rivalry, the last big glorious future rabbit team, Yang Mei rabbit gas team strenuously rabbit teams won one, two, three. Finally, the end of the New Year eighth day of the party also held a birthday p-arty in February. The whole party in the passion and the warmth came to an end.
The rave party is one of GaoKe’s activities. Party for employees both provide a stage to showc-ase their talent, so that all employees feel the company’s deep sense of warmth and festive New Year atmosphere in his spare time.