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GAOKE Communications participated in the Mobile World Congress 2019

Time:2019-03-20 Count:721


      During 25th-28th February  2019, GuangZhou GAOKE Communications was  participating in the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, Spain.The gsm association is one of the three international organizations in the world’s mobile communications industry. Its members include more than 750 mobile communication operators and more than 220 equipment manufacturers in 218 countries and regions around the world. The World Mobile Communications Conference, hosted by the gam association, is one of the world’s most influential exhibitions dedicated to mobile communications.

      This year, Gaoke Communications brought the new LTE, IOT product line and wireless smart city solution to the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. This exhibition is also the fourth consecutive year that our company participated in the industry event.



      During the exhibition, Gaoke Communications demonstrated the company’s mature mobile wireless broadband access solutions to the global carrier customers and industry customers, as well as the application access methods and smart city wireless solutions at the forefront of the IOT industry. Gaoke Communication shared the latest LTE wireless terminal product line and its global application cases with our customers, which fully demonstrated the leading products and solutions of the high-tech communication industry.



      Besides, Gaoke Communications combines industry technology evolution and customer demand, having in-depth communication with customers on the development of future products SD-WAN CPE. We have further understanded the long-term planning of customers and  demand. We will always adhere to the "creative solution" The aim is to provide customers with the best customized solutions.



      In addition, during the conference, Gaoke Communications participated in the conference sharing session for many times, also directly talked with some successful people in the field of communication to actively understand the new trends in the market and the development of communication technology applications.



      At the same time, we also discussed with many exhibitors on industry and market dynamics to further verify our judgment on the future needs of the market. While serving customers, we also actively seeking entry points for the optimization of the existing product lines of the company, providing a more accurate and valuable reference for the next stage of the company’s wireless products.



      MWC#19,Gaoke Communications is not only  facing the world, but also comprehensive display of self-developed products as well as independent brands. It shows that Gaoke Communication keeps pace with the times and actively seeks the firm pace of long-term development.