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GaoKe Communications 2012 New Year’s Staff Meeting Successfully Helded

Time:2012-02-09 Count:5740

Guangzhou Gaoke Communication Technology Co., Ltd. held a grand rally of the 2012 New Year’s staff meeting on January 30, 2012. The meeting in recognition of the 2011 outstanding team of outstanding individuals. Chairman Mr. Chen Yanwen appointed General Assembly organizational structure cadres pushed the atmosph-ere to a climax.
Main spirit of The New Year Staff Meeting is to summarize and in recognition of out-look . Company general manager Mr. Li Yitao made an important speech.He give a systematic, comprehensive, in-depth summary of 2011 . also placed the developme-nt outlook of the 2012.The conference host read an excellent team, the list of outs-tanding individuals, by the leadership of the company by the members awarded a trophy and flowers.
In the past year, the company encountered many difficulties and challenges on the road to development,but all difficulties will lead to more mature and progress.In the new year, under the lead of new appointed Cadres, with joint efforts of all st-aff,adhere to basic concept "three community",conscientiously implement the co-mpany’s development strategy,ensure that company sales have more breakthroug-hs.
Figure 1: Conference site of the New Year’s staff meeting

 Figure 2: cadres appointed oath 

 Figure 3: Li-eup, Tao, general manager of the company speech

 Figure 4: eighth day of garden treasure