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Gaoke chairman Chen Yan Wen, the positive recommendations on

Time:2012-01-13 Count:5937

The morning of January 7, 2012, the Municipal People’s Congress, party secretary Wanqingliang participated in the discussion of Tianhe District delegation. The deputies made enthusiastic cont-ributions in the venue.
"Last year, Tianhe District increased effort to construct Wisdom Tianhe,and have been incorporated into the development plan of Guangzhou. Development achievement is gratifying, but there are also some problems"Chen Yan Wen said. He pointed out that the wisdom of the city’s road network con-struction hadn’t kept up which had a serious impact on the development of Wisdom Tianhe and hoped that municipal departments implement the relevant construction as soon as possible. For an example, there are a intelligent transportation enterprises company named "Traffic Star" in Guangzhou. Their software can make the city more than 30% increase of traffic. In response, the secretary Wang said: "We are also able to do again. In order to use these technologies, we need strengthen our applicatio-ns and the training of management persons ."