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2011 New Employees’ Training Successfully Carried Out

Time:2011-07-19 Count:5543

According to company’s development strategy and market planning, combined with the employment needs of the company’s Human Resources in the end of 2010 thr-ough a variety of recruitment channels, the recruitment of a number of outstanding college graduates to augment the company’s business department, technology dep-artmentreserve force of the department, as the company’s next phase of developm-ent。
Concentrated in the hands of the company’s overall status and knowledge in a short time into the company as soon as possible to make greater contributions to the de-velopment of enterprises, led by the Human Resources Department, in order to ens-ure the new Secretary colleagues closely with other departments, in July8 February to expand the base to carry out a new driving force for the three-day training in Fo-shan Golden Beach, the training effect is significant....
Smooth induction of new employees will bound to give new impetus to the future d-evelopment of GaoKe. Nearly 40 people participated in the training ,including prod-uction quality, R & D systems, business and Administration。In addition to the cor-porate culture development ,the training expand experiential-based and "learnin-g" ,Made the employee understanding of interference and obstruction factors, and finally break through the self。
The training has been get the strong support of the chairman and various departm-ent heads。